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Civil litigation refers to a conflict between two or more parties about the compensation of financial damages or specific performance instead of criminal sanctions. A lawyer who deals with such legal matters is called a “trial lawyer” or a “litigator.” These lawyers who handle the matters of civil litigation represent contesting parties in the trials, arbitration’s, and hearings in front of local/federal/state courts. You can get an expert’s stance on legal issues associated with non-criminal offenses by consulting Jenny J. Liu’s Law Office.

Civil Litigation Lawyer in Massachusetts

The parties having disputes on financial matters requiring legal proceedings seek the help of the general civil litigation attorney to resolve these conflicts. Massachusetts litigation lawyers are responsible for representing either the plaintiffs or the defendants in civil cases, and they deal with all phases of such legal processes. The stages of legal cases that are overseen by these attorneys include initial investigation, pre-trials, trials, pleadings, settlements, and appeals.

Although there are several cases that are solved by general civil litigation attorneys in Massachusetts, the most usual ones are given below:

Debt Collection & Defense in Massachusetts

A layman is typically unaware of the tricks played by debt collection organizations, and they suffer immensely because of this lack of information. The litigators provide legal assistance to such debtors who have faced problems because of the illegal loan collection practices by the lending institute.

Landlord-Tenant Conflicts

An experienced and knowledgeable trial lawyer takes you through the legal matters efficiently in case if you have an inevitable conflict with you a landlord that cannot be resolved without the involvement of a third party.

Administrative Agency Related Matters

If a person has any issues with the decision of a state administrative agency, then he can seek the help of a general civil litigation attorney to take this matter to higher courts for reconsideration. We can solve such litigation matters according to the clauses that are given in Chapter 93A section in general laws of Massachusetts.

How a Litigator Works

At first, a litigator makes an attempt to resolve the matter outside the court to avoid the complications that may arise later i.e. he/she arranges a pre-litigation.  In the case of unsuccessful discussions, the litigator takes the issue to court either from plaintiff’s or defendant’s side after completing the documentation and other steps.

The involvement of a well-informed and experienced general civil litigation lawyer makes it easy for the plaintiff and defendants to resolve their issue in such a way that they will face the minimum consequences in civil as well as administrative, legal proceedings.

Get in touch with us if you have a conflict that cannot be solved without the involvement of a third party. Our legal experts are at your disposal to solve your issues in the best possible way.