Estate Planning Lawyer
Massachusetts Based


The planning for the transfer of assets owned by a person in case of unexpected death is known as estate planning. An estate constitutes the overall property that a person owns in his life. The estate planning process takes care of the process of transfer of the assets to the heirs or beneficiaries in such a way that everybody gets what he/she deserves while avoiding all potential conflicts.

Although the courts are always there to deal with estate matters in case if a person has not planned anything about his estate, such decisions will not have the touch of concern and responsibility that is specific to parents/guardians. Jenny J. Liu’s Law Office provides insightful advice on the legal matters associated with the estate planning in Massachusetts.

The formulation of a plan for distribution of estate among beneficiaries is specifically important to carry out for individuals who have a family. There are many situations where the role of Estate Planning Lawyers comes into play.

Role of Estate Lawyers in Massachusetts

A professional estate lawyer starts by familiarizing themselves with the particular circumstances of the person who seeks help for making an estate plan. The attorney conveys the legalities associated with this plan and suggests the best possible solutions to them after thoroughly assessing the situation. The attorney suggests either to make a will or a trust for the given property depending on the particular circumstances of a person. An Estate Planning Lawyer can help you in:

  • Planning of the estate.
  • Administration of the estate.
  • Formulation and finalization of a trust/will.