Franchise Lawyer
Massachusetts Based


Attorney Liu is specialized in franchise laws. Franchise lawyers represent franchisors and franchisees and advise them on regulatory requirements, drafting, and reviewing franchise agreements and other related contracts. We also provide counseling, mediation, and negotiations to the clients on corporate issues and disputes that arise due to franchisor/franchisee disagreement.

Franchise lawyers in Massachusetts have specific areas of expertise such as knowing the FTC rules along with the laws and regulations that require franchisors to disclose documents, drafts, and other crucial information to franchisees. Franchise lawyers also update the franchisors on the sale of a franchise. They also help franchises filing for registration in registration states in compliance with the state franchise laws.

Franchise Agreement Draft & Review

Franchise lawyers also offer services in the drafting and reviewing of legal agreements and contracts that are required in the selling and purchase of a franchise. They make sure to go through the smallest of details so that each of the clients gets the best deals.

Transfer and Sale of Franchises

Franchise lawyers are also available for the legal transfer or sale of a business franchise in case of death of an owner or dissolution of a company or partnership. From small businesses to large corporations, they help the clients acquire the goods, services and business name of a franchise that is already recognized. From legal fees to taking control of the franchise, the attorneys guide you step by step all through the process of the acquisition.

Purchase and Consultation

While we help with the sale of a franchise, Jenny J Liu’s law firm also provides help with the purchase of franchises. There are several legal stages that you need to go through to purchase a franchise and we can guide you all the way through. Franchise lawyers provide consultation to help you understand legal documents, and they also give the right advice and the best options while purchasing a franchise. The attorneys are well versed with all the franchise relationship laws and help franchisors and franchisees accordingly.

Franchise Litigation Services

Attorney Liu has handled a wide variety of franchise related disputes in a variety of businesses. Attorney Liu provides clients with the experienced services to negotiate terms between franchisors and franchisees and also assist in resolving any issue that the parties might have regarding the sale or purchase of the franchises. Attorney Liu also helps clients deal with violation of franchise laws, misrepresentations, and failure of payments. With her knowledge of laws and regulations, Attorney Liu is committed to help you get rid of the legal issues. Get in touch and discuss all the legalities that are bothering you.