Corporate Lawyer
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Jenny Liu’s law Office is dedicated to guiding you through contracts, disputes, and any other legal problems in the corporate world. Attorney Liu is committed to providing top quality services to the clients and deliver flexibility, variety, and diversity in all the services.

Jenny Liu’s law office offers corporate advice on mergers, startup businesses, acquisitions, takeovers, consultation and formation of limited liability companies, and more.

Role of Corporate Lawyers in Massachusetts

The corporate lawyers work closely with the clients to provide the best services and to ensure that their business risks are minimal and that the client is doing everything by the law when it comes to commercial transactions. Corporate lawyers represent financial institutions, sponsors and business corporations with not only legal advice but also negotiating and resolving disputes involving business deals and mergers. Corporate lawyers usually deal with acquisitions and mergers, real estate, code compliance, corporate finance, contract negotiations, banking among other specializations.

Attorney Liu services to local entrepreneurs, real estate investors, franchise owners and more. The firm’s services also include the formation of documents and business contracts and agreements, preparations and filings for small to large scale businesses – nationally and internationally.

Agreements, Contracts, & Reports in Massachusetts

The attorneys prepare annual reports on the clients’ behalf and provide them with the business licenses and permits as per their requirements and help with international transactions. These lawyers also advise small-scale businesses on how to expand their business, how to deal with their clients and much more. They also assist the clients with employment agreements, contracts, leases and exit strategies that include buy-back agreements in case of death and more.

Corporate Counseling in Massachusetts

The corporate lawyers also offer to help the clients with all kinds of issues. Corporate attorneys help clients with financial information, drafting, reviewing and counseling. Another role of a corporate lawyer is to advise companies regarding disclosure of results, initiation of government, investigations, trade secrets and other international transactions.

Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions

Jenny Liu’s Law Office participates in Due Diligence checks when it comes to acquisitions, divestitures and mergers meaning they review the company’s finances, property, liabilities, leases, and agreements, and advise the clients about the risks and benefits of acquisitions. They also help structure the deal and provide the best contracts for acquisitions and mergers.

Jenny Liu’s Law Office helps with the legal actions of the clients ranging from things as small as hiring someone to as big as investing millions of dollars. If you are in need of a corporate lawyer, look no further and contact Jenny Liu’s office now.