Intellectual Property Lawyer
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Jenny Liu’s law office specializes in many fields of intellectual property law such as; trademark registration, trademark protection, copyright registration, and infringement cases. Jenny’s Liu’s Law office is based in Massachusetts and can provide the most reliable legal advice to people who are facing troubles in this regard.


Businesses that are administered nationally would opt for registering their trademarks in the place they reside. This is not a prudent decision because the availability of internet provides an international platform and exposes them to the risk of being sued internationally.

With Attorney Liu’s help, one can lessen the risk of making trips to the courts. Though TESS is free to use, it is advisable to do this in the presence of our lawyers as they are well versed in this domain.

Trademark Registration & Protection in Massachusetts

Attorney Liu is specialized in the trademark registration process and will provide clients with legal advice on the application procedure in United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO); international registrations through Madrid protocol; and many other foreign countries.

Attorney Liu can steer you towards a successful registration process by clearing out any legal problem by conducting a thorough search of federal & state registration, and unregistered trademarks that are protected by fundamental law. Moreover, attorney Liu will help you in the enforcement of your trademark rights.
Additionally, Attorney Liu can assist you in the maintenance and protection of a trademark and will keep you updated with the reminders.

Trademark Litigation in Massachusetts

Under the unfavorable circumstances of getting caught in the litigation of marks, it is advisable to consult with an experienced counsel who will provide you with a sensible advice considering the power of the claims of trademark owners. Attorney Liu will counsel you through every obstacle that you may face in the entire legal process.

Copyright Registration & Litigation in Massachusetts

This whole legal process is similar when it comes to the copyright infringements. One can escape from this legal situation by registering copyrights through U.S. Copyright Office. The claims of the copyright infringements are registered in the federal courts. Attorney Liu can help you with experienced guidance accordingly.