Sales of Businesses Lawyer
Massachusetts Based


Ever had the wild idea of selling your business and starting something new? Or you want to buy an already operational business from the money that has been collecting dust in your bank account? If the answer to these questions is yes, then Jenny Liu’s law firm can be of help as an experienced business purchase & sales lawyer based in Massachusetts.

Attorney Liu will assist clients in agreement preparation and execution affairs. Additionally, she will provide their assistance in the following situations:

  • If you find yourself on the selling side, it is always important to keep an eye on the transaction process. Attorney Liu can help you regarding the transactional issues.

If you belong to the buying party, then Attorney Liu can help you in identifying the assets and by making sure that nothing is left out in the transfer of the ownership of the business.

  • Attorney Liu can help you in shaping, designing and spreading out your deal, terms, and conditions under which you are willing to buy or sell your business.

The selling of a business usually falls under the Asset Purchase Agreement or a Merger Agreement, or under whatever title the two parties have agreed on to make the transfer. A deal memo for the agreement has to be made too. All of these and many other related agreements can be outlined by Attorney Liu.

  • Rarely does it happen that both the parties agree on a specific amount or deal. That is because they are two separate parties, and they think that they know everything about a transaction. Our business purchase and sales lawyer plays a significant role in this by eliminating all the differences and by working out with both the parties in a way that all of them reach a certain agreement beneficial for everyone.

A transaction can reach to its early grave if no attorney is around to ensure the smooth flow of the deal. Considering this, our attorneys play a crucial role in eliminating the communication gap thus maintaining the momentum of the whole process