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Massachusetts Based


Jenny Liu’s law office has been successfully operational for the last fourteen years. Over these past years, Jenny Liu’s law office has accumulated a lot of experience with clients in Massachusetts regarding residential & commercial real estate laws.

Real Estate Lawyers in Massachusetts

Attorney Liu can provide experienced help to clients in legal problems related to residential or commercial real estate purchase and sale, landlords, tenants, neighbors, and the ownership of the property.

Resolving Disputes

In many cases, a dispute between a landlord and a tenant arises concerning different issues regarding the properties like landlords’ refusal to renovate something or tenants’ refusal to leave the property or pay the rent. If both of them are sensible enough to solve the matter on their own then it good but mostly, such disputes drags its disputers in the state courts and takes a lot of time to resolve. Attorney Liu provides experienced assistance to resolve the dispute between the landlord and the tenant.

Resolving Invalid Claims

Another conflict can arise regarding the mechanic liens filed on your property. Attorney Liu can help you in identifying the validity of it as those claims are often not valid because the contractor or the supplier of the materials to your property fails to file the claims within a specific timeline. The courts maintain the claims of liens even if they are invalid which prevents the owner from selling the property. Attorney Liu can help you petition the court to order the property’s independence from the invalid lien claims.