International Business Lawyer
Massachusetts Based


Whether you are thinking to start up a new business or running the efficacious business for many years, you are always in need of a business lawyer. Realizing the fact that Business Law lawyers play a pivotal role in the business world, Jenny J. Liu’s Law Office based in Massachusetts provides its expert services to help clients work peacefully with all the documentation regarding their business. We have extensive experience handling complex business queries. We also assist clients from China to develop their business in the United States. Our aim is to protect you from risk and give you a position that optimally aligns you with your business aspirations.

International Business Transaction Lawyer

The International business transaction lawyer deals with commercial transactions occurring within two or more countries beyond their political boundaries. We advise business clients from China to use our services if they have interests in U.S. Attorney Jenny Liu also provides her assistance to clients of U.S. for business development in China, the economically strongest growing country with tremendous potential for foreign business. The services provided range from contract negotiations and project finance to advising on customs, and international issues.

Today’s global environment requires that cross-border problems be controlled by qualified international lawyers in close association with the conventional network of firms located in dominions around the world. We have qualified resources to assist foreign clients who wish to establish facilities in the United States or China, either by acquisition or de novo. We have extensive experience with any legal and financial matters that may arise. Moreover, we help the clients in acquiring legal permits that are necessary for business in the country they are running their business.


Attorney Jenny Liu based in Massachusetts assists the clients in acquiring following legal documents:

  • Governmental licenses
  • Certificates
  • Permits for opening the firm
  • Permits for operating the firm
  • Branch establishment in China
  • Locating local sales agent

Raising Capital

Attorney Jenny Liu continues to give legal advice during the transaction process and helps the client to raise the capital by finding:

  • Financial Advisors
  • Business partners

Why us?

Attorney Jenny Liu’s bilingual skills, together with foreign cultural knowledge, and extensive transaction experience are a source of convenience and efficiency in international matters. Together with the technical and cultural knowledge, Jenny Liu always has an upper hand in securing the toughest business deals.