Commercial Contract Lawyer
Massachusetts Based


Jenny J. Liu’s Law has years of field experience in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial contracts of all kinds. Attorney Liu can provide you with comprehensive commercial contract law advice in Massachusetts for business contracts and agreements relating to suppliers, clients, and more. This office covers all aspects of the contract whether they are one-page contracts or high profile business procurement. A contract lawyer provides top quality services for commercial contracts including disputes, negotiation, litigation, mediation, arbitration, drafts and reviewing, and much more.
Contract Dispute & Negotiation in Massachusetts

Contract attorneys provide litigation services and specialize in resolving performance and commercial disputes. Contract lawyers are responsible for providing advice on your cases and helping people resolve disputes with other parties be it internationally, nationally, or regionally.

This office not only helps in writing contracts but also helps with negotiating on terms with the other side. The contract attorneys understand the importance of bargaining, and they know the tactics involved in getting the best deals. It is always advisable for the business owners to hire skilled attorneys in the negotiations early on so that they could provide strategic planning and guidance relating to any negotiations or disputes in the contracts.

Contract Mediation & Arbitration in Massachusetts

Contract lawyers also provide mediation services for the clients. It is much more affordable than litigation. They act as a neutral third party between two parties to settle any disputes or legal issues they might have. The mediators have the aptitude to provide solutions to all the clients.

Contract Draft & Review in Massachusetts

The contract lawyers also provide drafting and reviewing services. They help by providing agreements and contracts and also assist in reviewing important contracts presented to you by other parties or businesses.

Contract Litigation Services in Massachusetts

Contract disputes often arise during commercial contracts some of which include disputes regarding quality of the products, delivery issues, performance issues and more. We provide lawyers who help the clients in litigation over disputed matters. We assist in providing advice that helps you resolve any issues you might have.

Contact us if you think you have an unavoidable issue that cannot be solved without the intervention of a contract lawyer.